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1.1     Introduction
Global Environmental Conscious Initiative (GECi) is a non-governmental Organisation formed and incorporated under PART C of Companies and Allied Matters Act 1, 1990.
The purpose of the organisation among others is to sensitize and promote public awareness on environmental issues, its management, protection and conservation (including cultural heritage and customs) through public campaigns, workshops and seminars etc.
We adopted the all embracing and forward looking definition of the environment by Ran and Wooten (1980:6) to the effect that “Environment is seem as the following to wit: (a) The physical environment (natural and constructed) which includes land and climate, vegetation, wildlife, the surrounding land uses and the physical character of an area, infrastructural/Public Services, air, noise and waste pollution.  (b) The social environment which includes community facilities and services (c) The aesthetic environment, science areas, vistas, views including architectural character of buildings. (d) The Economic Environment which includes employment, land ownership patterns and land value (emphasis mine). Environment programmes being an external variable that influences people’s lives. This is more reason why citizens should be educated and sensitized for their proper decisions and choices on who should govern them, hence, social contract theory.
We do organize workshops and seminars to inform people on the achievements of governments for appreciation and constructive criticisms. We also embark on environmental rights and justice campaign for the people.
As an incorporated organisation, we operate within the law of the land and are accountable to the public, “as attitude is everything”.
1.2     Mission &Vision
We are new, but with innovation, we shall make our own mark among the committees of NGOs for history and posterity in no distant time.
1.3     Target Audience
Depending on issue at stake, our interest is targeted at those people who are at the grass root who do not have the opportunity to know what the government is doing or have done for them to appreciate them for sustainable development.
Now, the issue is politics, people at the grass root should be put on the known of what the government have done, is doing and will do. GECi can do that and do that for government/organisation.
1.4     Problems & Prospects.
We are working to have established offices in Nigeria.
1.5     Source of Fund
We get our money from donations from people across the globe, money realize from organizing seminars, workshops, government assistance, the NGOs and the general public.
Yours faithfully,

Hon. Barr. Livinus Ifeatu Nwokike, JP, FNIM
Chairman and CEO, GECi.
For:  GECi.